Elevate Your Security System with Our Cameras & CCTV Options

When it comes to your property, safety and privacy are paramount. At Alpine, we take pride in offering high quality cameras to contribute to enhanced security, safety and operational efficiency at your business.

Our experienced technicians conduct a meticulous assessment of your property, identifying any issues or safety concerns.

Based on the assessment and your specific requirements, we design a customized camera system that emphasizes safety, privacy, and aesthetics.

Benefits of CCTV:

  • Security and crime prevention - the primary reason for implementing CCTV is to deter and prevent criminal activity such as theft, vandalism and unauthorized access.
  • Employee & customer safety - In case of emergencies or accidents, footage can be reviewed to understand the sequence of events.
  • Liability protection - in case of accidents or incidents, CCTV footage provides an unbiased account of what transpired.  This can be crucial in protecting the business from false claims, lawsuits or liability issues.
  • Loss prevention - CCTV can be instrumental in identifying and preventing internal theft or shrinkage.  It helps businesses monitor inventory, cash handling, and employee activities, reducing the risk of losses
  • Visitor Verification - Businesses can use CCTV to verify the identity of visitors, control access to certain areas, and enhance overall premises security.

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